Welcome to Harmony Dancing

We specialise in teaching social dancing to couples in a fun and relaxed environment.

Our aim is to enable couples to dance confidently to any level from beginner to advanced.

Learn to dance with your own partner: Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Jive, Paso Doble, Rumba, Samba and Sequence Dances.

We hold regular Practice nights, Tea dances and Events throughout the year to enable our dancers to socialise, gain in confidence and enjoy ballroom & latin dancing together.

So come along:



“We have really enjoyed learning to dance with Debbie and Jez. They have made dancing fun to learn and are always willing to explain things until we have got it! The class group has gelled well and friendships have emerged over the year, helped by the events that allow additional practice to the classes.”
Cheryl & Stephen
“Dance lessons at Harmony Dancing, which I started last year are superb. Jez & Debbie have a professional approach which is relaxed and fun. I travel from London to attend and look forward to the weekly class.”
Paul & Elsa
“We’ve really enjoyed our beginner’s dancing experience. With 4 left feet, we’ve stepped on each others toes a lot but Debbie and Jez have kept it fun and we’re amazed how much we’ve learned in such a short time.”
Ann & Mick
“Very professional teachers who provide tuition in a thorough and patient way with lots of encouragement. Extra private lessons are also offered to refine your dance skills. We definitely have our dancing shoes at the ready to start the new term with Jez and Debbie.”
Dawn & Paul
“Neither of us have ever considered ballroom dancing before. We can’t believe how much we have learned in just 8 months. Debbie & Jez’s patient & methodical teaching is fun and enjoyable. We now look forward to our lessons. Thank you.”
John and Shirley
“As complete beginners just a year ago, three terms in we are thoroughly enjoying the experience with Debbie & Jez’s comprehensive, patient and friendly tuition. We are looking forward to honing our new skills next term as our friendly group progress together.”
Jo & Ray
“The camaraderie you get from fellow beginners and all other levels of dance groups is second to none. We have increased our enjoyment in music and dance and have met some great people along the way attending classes and tea dances . Jez and Debbie’s encouragement, patience and commitment is their greatest asset and it was the best phone call I ever made.”
Mike & Rose
“Really glad we started the Dancing course with Debbie and Jez,they both teach with such ease and have a great working relationship which comes across so well. They break all the dances down into manageable chunks and build week on week,which Gives you confidence to learn,would thoroughly recommend,they also have unlimited Patience, and make the classes really fun.”
Jan & Peter
“We had done some dancing 25 years ago, but nothing in the interim. Jez and Debbie rekindled our love for dancing, and in one year have transformed our skills – to the point where we want to progress even further.”
Paul and Ave
“An amazing way to spend a weekly evening, learning to dance, having fun and meeting new friends. Taught by friendly, patient teachers we now have a skill that we can share together.”
Vanessa & Simon
“Harmony Dancing certainly lives up to it’s motto. We are having great fun learning to dance and have made some new friends in the process.”
Lynda & Peter
“Leaning to dance as a couple, occasionally challenging, always enjoyable. Debbie and Jez are knowledgeable, patient and hugely supportive. We initially decided to try it for a term, we are now looking forward to our second year!”
Steve & Claire
“Debbie & Jez make learning to dance a fun and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Wish we had found them & the dancing group years ago. Really look forward to every class & an evening with like minded people.”
Trevor and Mary
“Having Fun and Learning to Dance, pitched at exactly the right level, with humour and a great deal of patience. A year ago we could only hope or rather dream that we would be able to get around the floor to so many different dances.”
Keith & Moya
“We started with no experience but immediately enjoyed the relaxed social atmosphere. Surprisingly dances suddenly clicked into place and we were able to enjoy both the dancing and the company as the teaching progressed.”
Cathy & Kevin
“Made to feel welcome by Jez & Debbie and we love the fact you learn to dance with your own partner. Enjoy the social dances and found ourselves in Bournemouth at the Harmony Dance weekend in October. Great way to meet new friends too!”
Caryl & Peter
“We have really enjoyed our first year of ballroom dancing. Have made lots of lovely new friends and can comfortably get around the dance floor! Jez and Debbie are really good teachers and make the class fun.”
Paul & Sue
“Great group. Great fun……. We even learn to dance!! Who would have thought I’d be doing the quickstep round the kitchen and the tango on the lawn?? Come and join us.”
Jilly and Peter

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